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Amazing robots that show gymnastics skills


This robot will show a dangerous plot of gymnastics in Disneyland Park (Photos: File)

California: Scientists have succeeded in making such a robot that can show an amazing look at the atmosphere.
According to the International News Agency, scientists have prepared food gamgets such as gymnastics and dangerous stunt-show robots in the atmosphere. The Disney Company has been working on the project for decades, named Stuntroxs and will be placed on Disneyland Park.
According to a report published in the scientific journal of ‘Tech Crunch’, Stuntrunks actually created another project during ‘Stackman’ preparation. The stickman was built to showcase the atmosphere, but it was just like a stick.
Steakman’s success was created with the idea of ​​a human-minded robot that could threaten jumping through the atmosphere, which can not be used to help people but also to help in emergency situations.
Stuntonx Robot will be kept in Disneyland’s park this year, where it will show the danger to fans and will be more vibrant and flexible than humans. It will be able to achieve its goals up to 100 percent and this robot does not match the ratio of error compared to the players.

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