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Apple announces iPhone TanS, TanR and TanS Max


Apple has introduced the latest flagship iPhone XS and XS Max at a function organized in its headquarters. To tell the details of these two smartphones, it’s not so much that details about both of these smartphones were leaked from the last two months.

The phone’s dual 12-megapixel camera has made major changes. Pixel size is increased from 1.22 micro meters to 1.4 cm in main camera, but the uppermost is f / 1.8.
A12 binary chip has been used in this phone, which has a high speed and capability compared to the process used in the previous iPhone. It is the process developed on the latest 7 nano-meter fiber processing process. Its design consists of 6 courses (2 large + 4 small). In addition, there are 4 core GPUs, new 8 core neurosystems and 6.9 billion transistors. It uses 15% high speed and 40% lower power than the larger A11 A11. The small cover also uses about 50% low power. GPU performance is 50% better. The number of cores in the Norel engine is double compared to the previous generation, but it can now execute 5 trillion operations instead of 600 billion.

Apple iPhone TS

Iphone tanr
This is the cheapest and elegant color model of iPhone which has been presented this year. Its initial price will be $ 749. This low cost (which is more than several flagship smartphones even though it’s less) is due to use of LCD, not a third-touch touch and only one camera has to be used.

The iPhone TanS 64GB model is worth $ 1000 or 1149 euros or 999 pounds. The 64GB model for iPhone TS Max is $ 1100, while the price of 512 Gigabytes is $ 1349 or $ 1.5 million. Their pre-orders will start from September 14. While the supply of the phone is September 21 in some countries and some September 28. In many countries it will be presented later.

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