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Approved the law of declaring Israel as a national state


Official language diminishing the Arabic language, Jewish settlement has been declared national interest Photo: File

The occupied Bethlehem: The Israeli Parliament passed the law to declare the country as a Jewish state.
According to the foreign news agency, the Israeli parliament approved the nation’s controversy to make the nation of the Jewish state. In the favor of the bill, 62 votes were cast in 62 while opposing. Under this law, official language Arabic has been deprived and the increase in Jewish settlement has been declared national interest.
The Jerusalem-based Jerusalem-based Jerusalem (Jerusalem) has been recognized as the complete and united capital of Israel. Arab members of the Israeli parliament criticized this legislation severely criticizing it of democracy. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted the bill to the bill as “acceptable moment”.
It is clear that about 20 percent of Israel’s 90 million population is Arab, whereas the country is treated as bad as other-class citizens with them.

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