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‘Blue Diamond’ can reveal the secret buried in the depths of the earth


Blue diamonds comprise the carbon pens and other elements including Boron in the depths of 410 miles. Photos: File

Washington: Diamonds and jewelery have four-moon rare diamonds ‘Blue Diamond’ unique place in terms of their structure and texture, but few people know that the ancient history of the diamond is also buried in the diamond chest.
A leading scientist team led by the science scientist Owen Smith in America’s Geological Institute, presented a research on the blue diamonds, with its research in blue diamonds, discussing the key facts about blue diamonds and the scientific reasons of its color. Has gone
Scientists studied the blue diamonds selected from around the world, which included a $ 40 million worth of blue blue diamonds worth a $ 25 million. The amazing discovery of the study has revealed that this blue diamond is born in the depth of 410 miles inside the ground.
American scientists say that the formation of blue diamond is in the ‘mantle’ of the ground, where some pieces of minerals are trapped. Due to the pressure on these minerals, the ‘blue diamond’ is born. The carbon diamonds also have a key role in the creation of blue diamonds.
Therefore, the importance of ‘blue diamonds’ in geological studies also increases, because besides the addition of the diamonds they are produced in a depth of 125 miles deep. Therefore, the ground secrets that can reveal blue diamonds are not in the buses of any other diamond.
Blue diamonds also found the element of boron found in seawater millions of years ago and now astonishingly reaches the surface of the earth, scientists think that with more research on blue diamonds History of the evil and naval part of your planet can be found.
Scientists claim that ‘blue diamonds’ are not considered to be merely a jewelery but it can prove to be an important and effective weapon in the study of geological changes and structural history.

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