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Did you download Adware Doctor?


Apple has excluded the leading MacDownload Adware Doctor from your store. This application was sending data from other users such as data from other applications and servers in China by recording the user’s browser history. Adware Doctor Pratty was the first to list the utilities before being removed from the Mac app store. The Adware Doctor, which was available at $ 5, was intended to maintain mac computer with malware and other malicious files.
The application was stolen by NSA Hacker and current security researcher Patrick Wardle. He lasted all the applications of this application by last month in his blog ( ) Was published. But Apple several weeks later, this application pulled out the application from Mac App Store.
This application did not seem suspicious. More than seven thousand people voted for the application at most of the Mac App Store, most of which gave it five stars. But secretly this application will collect user data into one folder and compress it and send it to the server in China.
Since the application has been deleased from the Mac app store, then the server in China is offline.
This story shows how much known and harmless as an application, it should be very careful while installing it. If there is any sensitive data in your computer or mobile, installation of any third-party application is not risky.

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