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Ehsan Mani is elected chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board


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Ehsan Mani has been elected chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. On Tuesday, the selection of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s governing board meeting has been unanimously implemented for three years.

Another member did not submit paper nominations compared to favoredness and all members expressed confidence in them. After which Election Commissioner Justice (retired) Afzal Haider regularly announced the selection of Ehsan Mani. Remember that on August 20, Najam Sethi resigned from the post of Pakistan Cricket Board’s successor, immediately after the Pakistan Cricket Board Pattern Initiative Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed condolences to nominate the new champion of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Which was not according to the Constitution of Pakistan Cricket Board, soon after Imran Khan’s nomination to nominee Manmohan Singh in the Board of Governors under the rules of constitution and another Twitter message in front of the election. came.

According to the editor, Abdul Rashid Shukur, according to the Constitution of Pakistan Cricket Board, the Board of Governors consist of ten members, including four members of the Board of affiliates, while four belong to the Regions. Two members are government representatives. After the resignation of Najam Sethi, other government’s representative in Pakistan Cricket Board, Arif Ejaz also resigned, so Prime Minister Khan Khan nominated Asad Ali Khan as his second representative for the Board of Governors besides Ehsan Mani. 73-year-old Ehsan Manii is ranked in the international cricket team’s most experienced administrators. He has been making his responsibilities in a different position for a long time in the International Cricket Council (ICC). In Jun. 2003, he became the ICC President and remained in office for three years. Ehsan Mani is Chartered Accountant, so he has complete hand over international financial affairs. Imran Khan’s oldest ceremony from Ehsan Mani. He also includes the Board of Directors of Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital. These days, he is working to promote tourism and vegetarianship as the head of the Galilee Development Authority.

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