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Experiments of mental illness can be assessed by the movement of hands


The hands of the hands are individual motor signatures and use them to reflect individual’s individual status. Photos; File

London: The movement of people’s hands is the individual motor signature (IMS), and the use of them reflects the person’s individual status.
Reviewing these movements can be found for every person’s mental health or hidden diseases. The University of Academia, Bristol, Mont Poli, and Naples Freedom in Britain have studied the actions of many people by using their digital duplicate or avatar. According to experts, like fingerprint, there are individual movements or emms of each person’s hands, which can be compared to others.
Here, the digital avatar means that the patient’s digital copy of the patient is drawn on a computer and it is seen through the sample and is read by observing their actions.
Experts of the University of Exercise say that the movement and style of each individual’s hands vary. Details of this study have been published in the journal ‘Interface’ of the Royal Society, which indicate that the speed and intensity of rotating hands vary widely in the hands of people’s personalities, moving light, fast and moderately. It is possible to review the style of this, it can be considered as an important component of hand rotation and movement.
In this way, it will be possible to identify the human hands’ movements and their mental illnesses and their associated diseases. It is possible to read specific signals of the hands of people suffering from autism and schizophrenia by assessing the disease and its intensity.

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