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Facebook has submitted a digital library for teenagers


Facebook has free lessons for teenagers and teens on social media. Photos: File

California: Facebook has set up a free digital library for teenagers, which has been put on the internet for security, Internet privacy and Facebook on healthy friendship and links.
In the first phase, 18 lessons are available in English, which will be translated into 45 different languages ​​of the world very soon. It has been named Facebook’s ‘Adidelateral Literacy Library’. But surprisingly, there is no guidance for procurement of fraudulent news and rumors, which was influenced by Russian propaganda on Facebook and influenced the US Presidential election 2016.

Facebook wants to teach teen users with this new facility with the use of the internet. Facebook has said that this library aims to inform about 83 million teenagers and youth around the world with digital literacy, its principles and safety measures.
Library lessons provide guidance on social media’s horrible habit, online misconduct, privacy and online security. Facebook has created this digital library with the Birkman Client Center team at Harvard University.
These lessons can be downloaded in schools and homes by downloading for free. According to Facebook, teen boy has been helped with girls and it is divided into five categories, including privacy, identities, positive behavior, security and community-related involvement.

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