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John McAffi’s new bit can be winny hack, but he turned out to give $ 1.5 million


Jan McFeffey announced a new bit queen wallet on Twitter last week and claimed that no one could hack it and Joe Macacafe would give him $ 1.5 million in prize. But John McCaffe’s unfortunate that this new bit is named Kevin Witt, named Bitfi, a skilled researcher has hacked just one week.
Let’s tell John McCaffe that he is the founder of MacAfficial Associates, who made the world’s first commercial anti-virus “Macafi”. This is often the news of many references in the past. It has also been accused of killing the neighbor. They believe that soon the price of bitrate will reach $ 5 million per tonne.
The security research hacking John McAffice’s Butt Walt Bitfi is related to Netherlands and they are known as OverSoft. In your tweet, Overswift said we’ve got Bitfi’s root exchange. Remember that root exchange in Linux / Unix means getting complete control of the system.
Bitfi on the other hand did not issue any statement in the beginning of this hack, but later Bitfi’s CEO announced another Big Bounty program instead of hacking the hack. Under the Big Bounty program, a company offers a reward for finding a security error in a program or device.
But John Macaui says his wallet is not hacked and achieving root exchange does not mean that hackers can even coincide with the money / buttons in his wallet. That’s why they will not pay over $ 2.5 million in prize. Over Swift has called it John McCain’s marketing.

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