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Monthly Millions of Gallin Water Disorder Robots


Lighthouse notes the flow of water to the fluid. (Photos: MIT)

Boston: Water in this thirsty world is the first requirement of all people, but it is also a challenge, because the pipelines, at least pile gallons, are consumed. Now this is a very simple and effective robot to stop this child.
This robot has developed Chinese student ‘Yuv’ of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which stays in water supply pipes and is absorbed by the power generated by its special ‘hands’ pipe. ‘(Suction Force) gives quick news about its quality and location.

The first model of Robot was presented this year as ‘Light House’, after which World Cup Forbes has included Chinese youth Yuvo in the list of 30 specialists 30 years of 30 years who changed the world. Want to After this, Yuvu also made a regular robot-made company, named Watch Tower and Robotics.

20% of the daily drinking water is lost daily. Earlier, many robots and systems that describe leaks were made, but most of them note the lack of pressure in the pipe and sounds out there, but in every city the sound-sensor robots are not useful because there is a lot of noise when That the robot works equally in noisy cities and villages.
Only in the US, there is water from around 1.5 million places per year, in which two trillion gallons of water are lost without any use. Traveling inside the robot pipe makes the sides of the dimensional (thumbnail) map identifying and repairing the location of water leakage (water leaked).
So far this robot has been tested in the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia and its positive results have come to an end.

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