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More than 200 suspects were killed in a crackdown against drugs in Bangladesh


The crackdown operation was launched in the last week of May against drugs. Photos: File

Dhaka: The number of deaths in the crackdown operation launched against drugs in Bangladesh has now exceeded 200.
According to the International News Agency, the operation continued against two months of drug-related drugs in Bangladesh. So far more than 200 people have been killed in police violence in police custody. Bangladeshi officials have urged the Philippine style to continue the operation against drug trade and smugglers.
Human rights activists, on the other hand expressed their concern over the situation, saying that no matter how serious the matter is, except for murder can not be allowed to kill. It is not right to decide with the police gun, despite the laws and the courts. The government has to make changes to its procedures.
It is clear that nervous system of drugs in Bangladesh is used as ‘ba ba’ tablet containing caffeine and metham fatamine ingredients, the sale and sale of drug addiction is illegal. The government has launched a crackdown operation against the government.

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