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Movement against Modi approved for non-confidence debate


The Modi government faces the confidence of the first time in its distant government. Photos: File

Summit Mahajan, Speaker of Indian Lok Sabha, has approved discussion of non-confidence movement of opposition against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
According to the Indian media, on the first day of Parliament’s Monsoon session, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Anant Kumar, while addressing the speaker, reminded that many opposition parties have taken an unstoppable movement against Prime Minister. You are requested to accept it so that milk and milk are watered.
Rolling on the notice of the Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker, Sumra Mahajan said that the Srinivas movement of the Telo-Dasham Party was first received, so that their movement was approved by non-confidence and allowed them to propose. I am giving It will be discussed on Friday.

It is clear that the Modi government will face the movement for the first time in its four-year rule. The Tehreek-e-Insaf party, TDP, had separated from BJP coalition government in the month of March. Earlier, during the budget session, the same party presented the motion of confidence that was rejected.

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