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Opo introduces A5 smartphone with fullscreen display, dual-core cameras


Lahore, September 13, 2018. After the success of the A3 smartphone, the Selffeit Exposure Opo (OPPO) introduced the new smartphone named A5 with the features of astonishing design and dual-core cameras. The Oppo A5 smartphone has a 13-megapixel plus 2 megapixel dual-ray camera, while the front-facing 8-megapixel array of cameras and super-full screen is an intelligent intelligence. These features offer the best smartphone usage at a lower cost. This device is equipped with Intelligent Intelligence Beauty Technology 2.0 which facilitates the use of cell phone in real and more natural way to young users. It is the best device with innovative features in 27 thousand 999 with the 4G RAM and 32 GB ROM storage with the Cochlum Snap Dragon 450 Okta Cover Processor and 4230 MAH Battery.
“Oop’s vision is that young users should be empowered by the continuous innovation in design and technology,” Oops Pakistan CEO George Long said, adding that the Opop A5 is more convenient for our customers’ lives. Ready to make. We are constantly looking forward to improving the content, services and technology matching so that our customers can be more efficient for the better. Using the A5 smartphone with the latest features and astonishing features More than that. ”
In this, the Artificial Intelligence Beauty Technology works like a photographer’s brain compared to a traditional software program. OOO’s artificial intelligence technology uses a cloud database from high-level suppliers, with smart terminals having a lot of convenience in full-fledged fiscal repetition. The Oppo A5 includes an 8-megapixel front lens and a 13-megapixel plus 2 megapixel dual-ray lens. In its front camera, artificial intelligence beauty technology is extremely easy to take pictures. Its front camera ensures bright and natural self-sufficiency, while the use of dial rear camerotrophes will increase further and the scene will look more real.
The Oppo A5 Smartphone length is 6.2 inches, this super-full screen basically separates the top, it’s a part of the screen display. This space is not usually used by the fullscreen. Supports full-screen notifications such as battery data, history and usage for other applications. Whether you’re viewing a photo, video or playing any other game. It looks astonishingly with width. At the moment, fullscreen options are available in most brands in flagship models.
Any better imagery can be enjoyed with Oops A5 super-screen. The O5 A series contains the A5 first smartphone with super fullscreen. Its battery life is also unmatched, it is equipped with a 4230 mh battery that enables use of long-term devices. A5 smartphone comes with animated colors and astonishing designs to create more calm and pleasant visual scenarios.
AOPO A5 is characterized by unmatched performance and most of its features have been developed keeping the interest of youth. Some interesting features in the A5 smartphone include Smart Lock, Smart Driving, Fullscreen Multi Tasking and Music Party.
The A5 Smartphone is available for sale from September 13 across the country.

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