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The 100% world’s smallest ultrasound system


The British Columbia University’s Ph.D. Scholar with its $ 100 ultrasound. Photos: Y.C.C.

Vancouver: Despite the rapid growth of technology, ultra-sound machines are still expensive and heavy, but now the University of Columbia experts have now become the ultra-sound system, which is worth $ 100 or Pakistani rupees of Rs 12500.
Experts of the University of British Columbia (YCC), Canada have made simple and low cost of ultrasound through new techniques. It uses a polymer substance substance instead of diarrhea (psychiatric), which produces transthorism and transceiver. It is called “Polymer TMU Trans Diuser Drum”.

Usually, electro-psychiatric crystals are used in the ultrasound that form shape when formatting and produce vitality (vitation). These sound effects go to the body in sound waves and return to the body there and return like a wave of radar.
Now the same electric crystalline reverses these sound waves again and they show a picture of it after processing. Seeing this picture, the eyebrows find body diseases, such as stomach etc.

Usually these trans-dyserous drums are made of silk silicon, which is expensive and environmentally friendly and therefore is not a better candidate for ultrasound. But B. UT’s PhD student now has the work of polymeric non-musical material. There was a need for many parts to reduce its value.
Early experiments showed that the same ultrustound results get the same results that are obtained from a large and expensive ultrasound. The second good thing is that it requires 10 volt electricity and can also run from smartphone and power bank.
Such ultrasound can be wrapped in any flexible shape and can be wrapped on the body. The good thing is to do more research by observing veins and birds from this system. Thus, this ultrasound will also be aware of the permanent heart and other side effects.

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