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The blue-torn of Animated movie ‘Rio’ has vanished


Spokesman Macau, located in a German center, is missing from the forest (photos: CNN)

Brazil: Perhaps you remember that in 2011 a beautiful blue turtle was shown in Disney’s famous animated film ‘Rio’. The bad news now is that this rare storm called Spokesman Macau is no longer present in any of the world’s forest and has become obsolete with its habitat.
In this context, experts have reportedly said that the turtle found in Brazil is now over of its natural environment, but the organization, which set up this report, said that 8 kinds of birds are either completed or completed. Have been deprived or suspended in morale and their half are related to Brazil.

According to Birdlife, this is the first incident compared to a island, so many birds are merged together from the main country. The reason is that many animal species end up in the limited space of the island, but the mediation of birds is a great event from a landed region.
“Our investigation shows that almost all the continents have been destroyed by the destruction of agricultural activities, tree erosion and their habitat,” Bird Bird reported. On this occasion, this beautiful blue turmeric threatened her with a hero.
It is clear that there are 60 to 80 tons of spacious maize types, whose efforts are being made to increase the race, but experts have said that this bird may rarely find it anywhere. All its areas have been seen well and there was no trace of it.

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