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The iPhone XS does not come right now, but the front came against the bump


The first Android device that will truly tick the iPhone’s iPhone’s iPhone’s iPhone’s smartphone smartphone will be available in October next month. You might be thinking that this Android device will be Google pixel third or third axel. But this is not correct.
This time, the Chinese company, Hoowei Mate 20 Pro, is in the field with its flagship smartphone to tackle the new version of the iPhone. This smartphone leak series has been released for several weeks. Now it has become regular knowledge that Matt 20 Pro will be released in October. The Lite version of this phone was introduced a few days back.
Haven has announced during the IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany, that the first smartphone of the Mate series used in the Kirin 980 processor will be released in October. The Kirin 980 is a processor built on the world’s first 7 nano meter fibers available commercially. On the other hand, the Apple iPhone, which is being introduced to the new iPhone, will also be used on the 7 nano-meter fibers process, using A12 chips.
Huawei says that the small die in a Kirin 980 square square is 6.9 billion transcers. There is approximately one and a half times higher than the Kirin processor of the race generation. Compared to the chip produced on 10 nanosystem fibers process, this new processor will have a 20% faster and 40% more capability. Remember that all the important smartphones that have been released this year have been used 10 nano meter chips.
Kirin 980 is the world’s first soC system based on the Corex A76 core. The Kirin 980 has eight cables, out of which four A76 corses and four A55 beds. This platform also includes the world’s first modem that supports LTE Car.21. This modem can transfer data at a speed of 1.4 GHz per second.
Because of all these good things, it would not be wrong to say that the Hurricane Mate 20 Pro and Apple iPhone XS would have a tough fight. It is to see what these two prices are and how they both perform in front of each other.

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