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US offer to provide armed drone to India


The aircraft will be the first high technology drone in south Asia, which is not near any other country

Washington: The US offered to provide armed forces to India, which led to the danger of breaking the balance of power in the region.
On one hand, India is breaking the hill of oppression in occupied Kashmir, on the other hand, on the day before the border, firing and shelling on Pakistani areas. In such a case, the US has offered to provide armed forces to India, which can also be used to spy the enemy as well.
Reuters, international news agency reported that the US has offered to sell India’s largest ‘caretaker’ drone. First, the US had decided to disarm India, which could only be used for spying and monitoring. However, due to unknown reasons, these drone strikes have been approved in a armed condition.
If the deal is found, these planes will be the first high technology drones in South Asia that is not in any other country. While the tension between Pakistan and India already exists in the region.
The US has not sold this armed drone to any country other than NATO, and India will be the first non-NATO country to get this technology. There is only one administrative barrier in this deal that the US is demanding that India will sign a communication agreement (Communications Embroidery and Security Agree), but some Indian officials say that in this deal, More interrupted
There was a deal between 22 non-profit donor deals between India and the United States, which has a total worth of $ 2 billion. But if both countries agree on the purchase of armed drone, the cost of the deal and the number of drones will increase both. Indian Army wants to buy armed drone so that hand-by-step hand handles groundwater and marine targets can also be terminated by missiles.

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