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Virus attack on the world’s largest semi-contractor-making company, closes off factories


TSMC (Taiwan Semi-contractor manufacturing), the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor, has closed its many factories after an attack on the virus. According to the Bloomberg report last virus virus has affected many fabrication tools.
TSMC manufactures chips for companies of the world’s largest electronics products, such as Apple, Nvidia, Cucumber. The company’s spokesperson told Bloomberg that fibrous devices installed in the company’s various factories have been affected by the virus. Some factories have been restored while some factories can not be restored yet. However, the company’s spokesperson stressed that their factories did not hack any hackers.
The company’s Chief Financial Officer, Laura Ho, told Bloomberg that it is not the first time the TSMC factories have been affected by virus but this is the first time the devices used in the company’s production line are affected by a virus. Are there They did not make it clear whether or not the device-affected devices were using Apple’s new processor A12 or not. Because at the moment the production of A12 continues with noise, which is to be used in Apple’s corresponding iPhone released year.

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