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Which company will offer the first smartphone based on the gorilla glass 6?


Corning introduced Gorilla Glass 6 on the last 19 of 19 months. About this glass, Koring says it is more robust, transparent, better resistant than signs, and more efficient for wireless charging than guerrilla glass 5. The guerrilla glass 6 is nothing to throw 6 meters from the height of one meter. After the release of this glass, the people got curiosity in which the first mobile phone would be used in which Gorilla Glass 6 would be used?
Now we have the answer to this question. OPPO is a company that will offer the first smartphone market based on the Guerrilla Glass 6. OPPO has to issue F9 and F9 Pro soon. But this is not the phone that will use Gorilla Glass 6. R R17 and R17 Pro will be smartphones using Gorilla Glass 6. There are still very limited information available on both of these smartphones. The R17 Pro is thought to have a 10 GHz Battery Rim installed.
The R17 and R17 Pro are being said about both Oops that can launch them at any time this month.

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