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Will there be 2 SIMs in the next iPhone?


The first possibility of Apple’s offer is to offer two SIM phones. Photos: File

California: There are many possibilities that this year, smartphones of a new model of Apple will facilitate two simulators. This is revealed by the Apple News Newsletter website, Nine-to-do Mac.
According to the website, it has been revealed in the B-T version of IOS 12, in which one word ‘second-SIM status’ has been used. Seeing the entire IOS, the website said that one place ‘second sim tray’ and ‘digital simartments’ have also been written.
On one hand, US and European users can use more than one SIM, on the other hand, international travelers will also be able to benefit from dual-mode facilities. Additionally, another purpose of this change is to facilitate double SIM access to Apple users using more than one SIM phone in many countries of the world.

Apple’s competing smartphone companies like Samsung, Hawaii and Win Plus are also offering dual sim features on their latest phones. Then Apple wants to move forward in developing countries where mobile phones are used simultaneously.
However, some analysts have said that under second SIM Apple will also offer an E-SIM card that has already been presented in Smart Watch. The famous Mae Chi Quao, a well-known predecessor of Apple products, insists that in September Apple has been offering at least three new phones, with a half-six-inch iPhone X Plus, a 6.1 inch simple iPhone and less screen There will be a model similar to the iPhone X.

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