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Write Snapshot source code, is Hacker Pakistani?


On github i5xx The account from the handle has allegedly uploaded the source snapshot chat code. According to the apparent details of this account, this account belongs to a person named Khalid Shari, which belongs to the village of Tando Bago in Sindh province of Pakistan. It is situated in the village of Badin in the village.
The news source of Snap Chat has been removed from Github at the time the news is being written, because Snapper Chat sent DMCA notice to Github. It encourages this source code to be really snapshot.
This source code on Github was uploaded under the Source Code for SnapChat. Specifically, this source code was written in Apple’s Objective-C programming language, which shows that it was the source code of the Snapshot Chat iOS application. On the other hand, the way the Snapper Chat sent a DMCA notice, it also shows that this source code is the real owner Snapshot chat.

Does this hacker belong to Pakistan? It is not possible to say this finally. Khalid is common in Pakistan but Shari is the name used in the Arabs. In addition to the web site link given in the i5xx’s gut hub profile, it is a company in Saudi Arabia that offers many services including Skill Skiing.
Snapshot Chat’s alleged source code is available on the gut hub for two months, which has been removed from the snapshot request a few days back. There are strong possibilities that many people will have the alleged source code.

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